March 24th 2020 | Central London



From streamlining services and boosting efficiency to transforming the way we interact with users the scope for what can be achieved with digital is continually getting broader.

With the widening digital skills gap impacting the UK workforce and the need for organisations to show real leadership in their digital ambitions, as the opportunities for innovation grow so to do the challenges.

Bringing together the latest innovations in digital transformation from across the public sector, the summit is the place to learn, share and discuss what’s been achieved so far and what is next for the public sector.

Key topics for 2020 include:

  • Driving a digital culture in and beyond your organisation
  • Leading the change: Creating, engaging and developing a more inclusive organisation
  • Sustainable services from the top down: Harnessing technology for a greener organisation
  • Not afraid to fail: Tackling a culture of risk-averse ideas
  • Digital Skills Partnership

Who is attending in 2020?

Chief Information Officer - Chief Operating Officer - Chief Technology Officers - Directors of Commercial - Directors of Digital - Directors of Digital Transformation - Directors of Finance - Directors of Innovation - Directors of Information Security - Directors of Risk and Audit - Directors of ICT - Directors of IT - Directors of Infrastructure - Directors of Transformation - Heads of Commercial - Heads of Commercial Policy & Strategy - Heads of Customer Demand - Heads of Digital - Heads of IT  - Heads of Operations - Heads of PMO


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