March 24th 2020 | Central London



Registration, refreshments and networking


Chair's Welcome Introduction

Chair: Henry Rex, Head of Public Sector, Central Government, techUK (Confirmed)


Keynote from Jo Platt MP: Cyber and digital policy under a Labour Government

Keynote: Jo Platt MP, Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, Labour MP for Leigh (Confirmed)


CACI - Headline Sponsor Presentation

Speaker: Marc Radley, Strategic Director, CACI (Confirmed)


Digital Citizens. Creating, embedding and boosting a digital culture

Presentations focused on how to develop a positive digital culture amongst the workforce and the public, embracing innovative digital approaches to access the services they need. Key topics will include:

  • When digital stays analogue: Tools to overcome a challenging environment and successfully move services online
  • How to enable citizens to take control of their interactions with services?
  • Delivering improved services, improved agility whilst reducing costs
  • Developing a collaborative approach to service design and reform
  • Positive impact of smart cities on the public?

Speaker: Pamela Moffat, Senior OD Partner, Staffordshire County Council (Confirmed)

Speaker: Shaun Hewitt. OD Consultant, Staffordshire County Council (Confirmed)

Speaker: Bob Brown, CIO, Manchester City Council (Confirmed)

Speaker: Dr Karen Croxson, Head of Research & Deputy Chief Economist, Financial Conduct Authority (Confirmed)

Speaker: Marc Radley, Strategic Director, CACI (Confirmed)


Refreshments and networking


Industry Campfire Sessions x 2

These campfire sessions which will see experts from the sector presenting a recent case study followed by interactive Q&A. Be prepared to get involved as these sessions are all about shared learning and overcoming common challenges.

Session 1: Mobile Workforce Productivity – Technology has an answer

  • Productivity & what it means for your mobile workforce
  • How can technology provide a solution?
  • Learn from best practice examples 

Speaker: Leigh Grogan, Regional Sales Manager, Totalmobile (Confirmed)

Session 2: Cloud Connectivity in a post-PSN world

The uptake of cloud services is no longer in the stages of early adoption. It has fast become the mainstay in Government, providing technical, commercial and business benefits far beyond the realms of what Government has been used to before. And it was Government that very much led the way in the UK through innovative proposals that came from GDS, supporting the ‘digital-by-default’ message. But ‘going first’ can yield initial benefits as well as provide the ‘lessons learned’ for those who took a more cautious step.

The exploration of ‘what has worked well and what has not’ also allows us to take a look into the growth of multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud. But this time, we will look to talk about the elephant in the room as well, the PSN. How can we bring all of the many meshed cross-network governments and allow them to transform, whilst continuing to support critical services. And whilst ‘The Internet is OK’, when is ‘good enough, good enough’?

 Speaker: Justin Day, CEO, Cloud Gateway (Confirmed)


Interactive Themed Panel Sessions x 2

Delegates have the choice of which session to attend:

  • Panel Session 1 in partnership with Silver Peak: Realising the true transformation promise of the cloud, automating SD-WAN.
    • Minimising the cost of moving to the cloud
    • Cloud based firewalls and automation
    • Not restricting your choices in multicloud
    • Business driven networking over traditional methods​

Speaker: Sam Trendall, Editor, PublicTechnology (Confirmed)

Speaker: Richard Moir, SD-WAN Solutions Architect, Silver Peak (Confirmed)

  • Panel Session 2: Impact, Opportunities and Challenges of Technology

Speaker: Lisa Talia Moretti, Digital Sociologist, Goldsmiths College, University of London (Confirmed)


Lunch, refreshments and networking


Demo Zone: Huddle

Speaker: Ross Duncan, Director of Customer Success, Huddle (Confirmed)


Industry Campfire Sessions x 2

These campfire sessions which will see experts from the sector presenting a recent case study followed by interactive Q&A. Be prepared to get involved as these sessions are all about shared learning and overcoming common challenges.

Topics will include:

Session 1: Is Innovation part of your plan? Embrace Innovation (Emerging Technologies) to Improve Business Operations and Provide Exceptional Customer Experiences 

  • The need for innovation
  • Innovation in action
  • How can it work for you?

Speaker: Sean Doherty, Head of Digital Services - Europe, NIIT Technologies Ltd (Confirmed)

Session 2: A Privacy Playbook for "Reasonable and Appropriate" Security Measures and Safeguards

  • Understand the requirements and importance of implementing "reasonable and appropriate" security measures and safeguards for privacy professionals
  • Outline several areas of common ground that should help every organization align their security and privacy operations
  • Take away a playbook for building a harmonized and risk-based security framework

Speaker: Dominic Schmidt-Rieche, Privacy Consulting Manager of Central & Southern EMEA, OneTrust (Confirmed)


Refreshments and networking


Using APIs to deliver digital transformation

Speaker: Rosalie Marshall, Lead Technology Advisor, GDS (Confirmed)


Creating Tomorrow’s Digital Environment Today

  • What does the future hold for public sector ICT?
  • What can be learnt from colleagues in the corporate sector?

Speaker: Peter Kemp, Planning Change Manager, Greater London Authority (Confirmed)


Space in Government 

Speaker: Simon Agass, Lead Technologist for Applications, UK Space Agency (Confirmed)


Chair's Closing Remarks

Chair: Henry Rex, Head of Public Sector, Central Government, techUK (Confirmed)

Close of conference

Please note that all speakers and the agenda are subject to change without notice